>What is the US Academy of Public Research?

The US Academy of Public Research is an online community of the people, by the people, for the people, acting as a global resource for anyone seeking information on any topic. USAPR is also a global forum for people of all backgrounds to share their knowledge with the world.


Why post your papers with us?

At USAPR we believe that knowledge is a public good. This is a community built on respect and interest in the intellectual property of others. As a result, we do not claim ownership over any content posted on this site. We do not post papers that have been plagiarized and we do not allow plagiarism of papers that are posted on our site. By posting your papers with us you will:

  • Gain feedback on your research through comments made on your paper(s)
  • Make yourself and your research visible to the world (USAPR papers are linked to and found on: Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Wikipedia, in addition to many other sites)
  • Allow others to gain interest in and knowledge of your research.
  • Share your knowledge with the world!

Our Goals

The US Academy of Public Research is committed to creating and maintaining a professional community in which everyone can both share and gain knowledge, as well as to act as a window into the otherwise unseen research of people around the world. We imagine a world in which all people, regardless of nationality, race, or religion come together to form an academic community open to all. As a world working together, exploring the beauty of nature's complexity and the human condition, there is little we cannot accomplish. A world in thought is a world at peace. So have a look around and see submissions from professionals and academics all across the globe, or submit your own! Welcome to the most open, diverse, and exciting academic community in the world!