Economics  papers

Andrew Horton BA  - 11/12/2013

A Loser Can Be a Winner: Comparison of Two Instance-based Learning Models in a Market Entry Competition
Cleotilde Gonzalez, Varun Dutt and Tomás Lejarraga  - 7/3/2012

Correlated Individual Differences and Choice Prediction
Luke Lindsay  - 7/3/2012

Quantum Type Indeterminacy in Dynamic Decision-Making: Self-Control through Identity Management
Ariane Lambert-Mogiliansky and Jerome Busemeyer  - 7/3/2012

Patience or Fairness? Analyzing Social Preferences in Repeated Games
John Duffy and Felix Munoz-Garcıa  - 7/3/2012

What Behaviors are Disapproved? Experimental Evidence from Five Dictator Games
Raul Lopez-Perez, and Marc Vorsatz  - 7/3/2012

Social Insurance and Truncated Benefits: Measuring the Impacts of Workers’ Compensation
Samuel K. Allen  - 7/3/2012

Gender Gaps In Human Capital In Developing Countries: An Empirical Assessment
Minh Quang Dao  - 7/3/2012

Revisiting the Relationship between Economic Growth and Government size
Atrayee Ghosh Roy  - 7/3/2012

Investigating the Impacts of Intra-regional Trade and Aid on Per Capita Income in Africa: Case Study of the ECOWAS
Assandé Désiré Adom  - 7/3/2012

Price Responsiveness of Cigarette Demand in US: Retail Scanner Data 1994 -2007
Bishwa B. Adhikari, Chen Zhen, Jennifer W. Kahende, Joshua Goetz and Brett Loomis  - 7/3/2012

The Real Economics of Climate Engineering
Gernot Kleppera, Wilfried Rickelsa  - 7/3/2012

Health or Agricultural Development: Boundary Objects and Organizations in a Soya Project in Western Kenya
Jennifer Lamb  - 8/11/2011

Sustaining Culture with Sustainable Stoves: The Role of Tradition in Providing Clean-Burning Stoves to Developing Countries
Britta Victor  - 8/11/2011

Senior Acitivity Rate, Retirement Incentives, and Labor Relations
Hélène Blake and Marc Sangnier  - 8/11/2011

A Scent of Lemon—Seller Meets Buyer with a Noisy Quality Observation
Mark Voorneveld and J¨orgen W. Weibull  - 8/11/2011

Reduced Emissions for Deforestation and Degradation: A Critical Review
Marc Hufty / Annie Haakenstad  - 8/11/2011

The Existence of Perfect Equilibrium in Discontinuous Games
Oriol Carbonell-Nicolau  - 8/11/2011

Generalizations about Using Value-Added Measures of Teacher Quality
Eric A. Hanushek and Steven G. Rivkin  - 8/11/2011

Janet Currie, Eric A. Hanushek, E. Megan Kahn, Matthew Neidell, and Steven G. Rivkin  - 8/11/2011

Global Climate Policies, Local Institutions and Food Security in a Pastoral Society in Ethiopia
Pekka Virtanen, PhD / Eero Palmujoki, PhD / Dereje Terefe Gemechu, PhD  - 8/11/2011

Behavioral Economics: Past, Present, Future
Colin F. Camerer  - 8/10/2011

On the perception and operationalization of risk perception
Yoav Ganzach, Shmuel Ellis, Asya Pazy, Tali Ricci-Siag  - 8/10/2011

Testing and Modeling Fairness Motives
Gary E. Bloton, Axel Ockenfels  - 8/10/2011

(Over-)Stylizing Experimental Findings and Theorizing with Sweeping Generality
Werner Guth, Hartmut Kliemt, M. Vittoria Levati  - 8/10/2011

The Global Challenge of Antimicrobial Resistance: Insights from Economic Analysis
Karen Eggleston, Ruifang Zhang, Richard J. Zeckhauser  - 8/10/2011

Improving health outcomes with better patient understanding and education
Robert John Adams  - 8/10/2011

Illusion of Relevance: Anchoring in Economic and Financial Knowledge
Andrey Kudryavtsev / Gil Cohen  - 8/10/2011

Save More Tomorrow(tm): Using Behavioral Economics to Increase Employee Saving
Richard H. Thaler / Shlomo Benartzi  - 8/10/2011

A Stochastic Model of the Co-evolution of Networks and Strategies
Siegried K. Berninghaus and Bodo Vogt  - 8/10/2011

Debt & the Profitability of Foreign-Controlled Domestic Corporations
Harry Grubert  - 9/22/2008

What in the World is Competitive Advantage
Richard P. Rumelt  - 9/1/2008

The Consumption Tax: Macroeconomic Effects and its Potential as a Tool for Discretionary Fiscal Policy
Edward Cremata  - 7/5/2008


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