Mathematics  papers

Modeling and Performance Analysis to Predict the Behavior of a Divisible Load Application in a Cloud Computing Environment
Leila Ismail and Liren Zhang  - 7/3/2012

An Online Algorithm for Lightweight Grammar-Based Compression
Shirou Maruyama, Hiroshi Sakamoto and Masayuki Takeda  - 7/3/2012

Spacetime Junctions and the Collapse to Black Holes in Higher Dimensions
Filipe C. Mena  - 7/3/2012

Creation of Two-Particle Entanglement in Open Macroscopic Quantum Systems
M. Merkli, G.P. Berman, F. Borgonovi and V.I. Tsifrinovich  - 7/3/2012

Parametric Solution Of Certain Nonlinear Differential Equations In Cosmology II
Jennie D'Ambroise and Floyd L. Williams  - 7/3/2012

Time-dependent variational inequality for an oligopolistic market equilibrium problem with production and demand excesses
Annamaria Barbagallo  - 7/3/2012

Existence Theorem for Integral and Functional Integral Equations with Discontinuous Kernels
Ezzat R. Hassan  - 7/3/2012

Numerical algorithms for computing eigenvalues of discontinuous Dirac system using Sinc-Gaussian method
A.H. Bhrawy, M.M. Tharwat and A. Al-Fhaid  - 7/3/2012

Algorithms For Solving The Variational Inequality Problem Over The Triple Hierarchical Problem
Thanyarat Jitpeera and Poom Kumam  - 7/3/2012

On The Regularized Solutions Of Optimal Control Problem In A Hyperbolic System
Yesim Sarac and Murat Subasi  - 7/3/2012

A Note on the Stability of the Integral-Differential Equations of the Parabolic Type in a Banach Space
Maksat Ashyraliyev  - 7/3/2012

Nonlinear Klein-Gordon and Schrodinger equations by the projected differential transform method
Younghae Do and Bongsoo Jang  - 7/3/2012

On Almost Asymptotically Statistical Equivalent Sequences of Fuzzy Numbers
Ayhan ESI and M. Kemal ÖZDEMIR  - 7/3/2012

Characterizations of Poisson Integrals on Symmetric Spaces
Peter Sjogren  - 8/22/2011

Values of Cyclotomic Polynomials at Roots of Unity
R.P. Kurshan and A.M. Odlyzko  - 8/22/2011

Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions to Half-Linear q-Difference Equations
Pavel Rˇeha´k  - 8/22/2011


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