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Welcome to the only Open-Source Multidisciplinary Academic Journal.
The US Academy of Public Research. This is a community built on respect and interest in the intellectual property of others. As a result, we do not claim ownership over any content posted on this site.

The internet isn't fulfilling it's potential and we need your help. Currently, when you search the web for information, you will typically get two types of knowledge. Either you will be directed to academic journals and technical papers written for experts in the field or hidden behind paywalls. Or you will be driven to Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers, and other sites that won't give you the depth of information that you are looking for.

USAPR fills that gap, with knowledge that you have created.

  • - Did you write a great paper in college?
  • - Do you have a masters thesis or doctoral dissertation that hasn't been published?
  • - Are you a professional researcher with unpublished working papers?
  • - The world needs your knowledge.
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We invite you and your members to meet, publish and discuss your work here. This is also a great place to grow by finding other individuals with similar interests and hobbies.


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